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Digital Storytelling Resources

Resources for Digital Storytelling and SmartPhone StoryFest Participants

Note: We receive no commission on purchases as this information is provided as a service, not as a revenue stream.

Hand Held SmartPhone Stabilizer

Simple to use, effective for mounting mic and lights, and effective in helping you manage SmartPhone camera movements. $13-$16.

Link to Amazon>>


Mini Shotgun Mic for Smartphone

A cost-effective shotgun mic that you can use on a cold-shoe mount. $40.

If using an iPhone you will need a dongle.

Link to Amazon>>

Mini Shotgun Mic.png

Cost-Effective Tripod

An inexpensive tripod that gets the job done. Simple, basic, lightweight. 60 inches tall fully extended. $32-$35. Worth the money.

Link to Amazon>>

Cheap tripod.png

Selfie-Stick with a Tripod Base

Selfie Stick Tripod with Detachable Wireless Remote, 4 in 1 Extendable Portable Selfie Stick & Phone Tripod Stand. $12

Link to Amazon>>

Self stick.png

SmartPhone to Tripod Adapter

Put your SmartPhone in the adapter, attach the XXX to the tripod and you are good-to-go. This can also be used with a ring light. $20.

Link to Amazon>>

Adapter 1.png
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