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Non-Profit Communications

Empowering Non-Profits to "Do More Good" 
Through Better Communications.

Non-Profits need to manage their image and take control of their narrative.


Non-profits touch our lives and provide invaluable services for our communities. But all to often their story isnt well told, the social media is poorly done and they loose out on potential opportunities.


Their story and how they look online and in public affect their ability to fulfill their mission. By simply taking better pictures and making quick, effective, and easy videos, they can increase public awareness, elicit more donations, and do more good.

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We're here to teach photo, video, social media, and communication skills to non-profits so that they can better connect, inform and presuade their key stakeholders

Non Profit Projects

DEA Accidental Dealer  Thumbnail.png
Border shelter closing 16x9 Thumbnail.png

A 30-sec. Public Service Announcement created for the US DEA's Operation Engage Campaign to remove expired household pharmaceuticals. 

Learn how Sustainable Schools International applies a unique model in bringing higher education to rural Cambodia.

See how the Border Angel of San Diego helped to diffuse a confrontation with Mexican Federal Police in Tijuana.

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